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$25.00  One Virtual Reality station for one hour of game play at a time.  For multiple players, add more stations at checkout.  This station can also be shared by two players taking turns. Book Now.

$20.00  One Virtual Reality Golf Station for one hour of game play at a time. To play with another player, please select two stations for rental at checkout.  NOTE: Only players 12 years or older can play the Golf Station. Book Now.

$393.26 +HST  2 hour venue rental and a pizza party for 6 people. Book Now to make a reservation.

$115.04 90 minutes for 4 players to enjoy Phasmophobia which includes tutorial time.

$115.04 The Escape Room Party offers 4 virtual reality stations for 90 minutes to play Tales of Escape. Explore one of 4 Escape Rooms with your friends.

$30 +HST Join the Club for special rates, access, and events!

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Rent the entire facility for gatherings of up to 24 people.

Take Virtual Reality Home with our Oculus Quest 2 equipment rentals.

We can also bring our Virtual Reality experience to your community event with our mobile unit.

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    DESCRIPTION                                     PRICE

    Venue Rental                                       $150 /HR

    ADD ON:

    Pizza Party                                          $9.95 / person

    Lunch                                                 $13.95 / person

    Cocktail Party                                      $11.95 / person

    Cash Bar                                             $200 / event